The Federation of Off - Road Training


The Federation of Off-Road Training (FORT) has been developed to raise and maintain the standards of off-road driver training delivery above and beyond industry expectations, through  AA DriveTech's Specialist and Off-Road Training Division. Both AA DriveTech and 4x4explore are committed to delivering the best quality off-road 4x4 training, using handpicked trainers who have passed rigorous checks and Quality Assurance monitoring.  In addition, each trainer has signed up to a Code of Conduct that lists the appropriate behaviour expected of someone delivering high quality, professional 4x4 training to both corporate organisations and private individuals.

Peace of Mind

As a company or individual looking for a training provider of 4x4 off-road training, you can be sure that any trainer signed up to the FORT Codes of Conduct will be amongst the best in the country and will have continuous stringent Quality Monitoring in their training delivery, giving you complete peace of mind that you or your drivers will receive 4x4 training that is both current and delivered in a professional manner by trainers that are passionate about off-road driver training.

Trusted Brands – Trusted Training

If you are looking for 4x4 training, choosing FORT means you will be utilising the services of some of the most trusted organisations in the 4x4 industry and indeed the country, making choosing a 4x4 training provider a great deal easier and is clearly a great step forward in raising standards within the 4x4 training industry.